Top Home Plumbing Myths

Most of the people know that conventional wisdom, that’s passed down generation to generation. This sort of assumption applies to anything and everything, unfortunately most of myths are just plain wrong. Hence here we have mentioned top 4 plumbing myths that cost you money.


Myth#1: Plumbing fixtures are low maintenance

If you ignore the plumping fixtures just because they seem alright and are hard as stone does not mean you need to stop spending some amount in maintaining them. Lack of use makes a p-trap to evaporate and this allows dangerous sewer gas to smell up the house. If you don’t use your water heater, then it can create highly explosive hydrogen gas.


Don’t let your plumbing equipments and fixtures to sit for long periods of time without using them. Make sure health risks are not created and use those items periodically.

Myth#2: For fresh smell, use lemons in your disposal

When you have lemons, try making lemonade with them, never put then down your disposal. Of course you will be able to create a brief fresher aroma. However the metal will get corroded due to the citric acid from the lemons.


Use vinegar down the disposal. As vinegar removes all the smelly build up that can damage your disposal.


Myth#3: Everything is perfect, as long as stuff goes down the drain.

In the plumbing world, “out of sight out of mind” rule does not work. Foods like rice and pasta will bloat in pipes making it difficult for other waste to pass smoothly through the pipes. If you leave it untreated, then it creates severe clogs. Waste builds up inside the pipes when there is not enough water to rinse it down. All this makes the drainage inefficient.


Use the toilets, sinks and showers correctly to prevent clogging and blockage problems. Place hair screen in the drain of your shower rooms. Always remember, before draining, fill the basin with water.

Myth#4: Soap and water on bathroom fixtures makes them sparkly.

You have the habit of washing hands at the sink and then you leave soapy water on the faucet. However the acid from the liquid hand soap corrodes the faucets and fixtures.


After use wipe the fixtures, since this helps from corroding. Hence this protects your lifetime warranties on products, which are void when soap and other liquid detergents has rotted the finish.


Myth#5: leaky faucets happens all the time

Most of us think that, leaky faucets in the bathroom or kitchen, is a common issue and can be ignored. As we think it will get magically fixed over time. As a matter of fact, they should not any water discharge since; the metal fixtures are made in such as a way, that it prevents any leakage. This actually is linked with another underlying problem and it may be due to inconsistent pressure in the water pipes.


Seek the help of qualified professionals to fix this issue. They will provide you with the right solution.