Tips and tricks on maintaining clean carpets

If your carpets could talk, they would surely have some interesting stories to tell. They would probably spill the beans on why exactly you’ve had 20% of them tucked under your furniture. They would explain how they got each and every stain and how you struggled to get those stains out. But since you are not Alladin and your carpets are nowhere near being magical, here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully help you maintain them clean and happy that SOS nettoyage De Tapis Montreal recommends.


There’s this thing that usually happens with carpets, especially with older ones, that is their discoloring. It’s sometimes because the carpets have been tormented with constant scrubbing or because you used the wrong products or simply because they are really old. It’s a bummer to simply throw them away and we definitely do not recommend that.

There are other things you could try instead..

It’s a carpet cleaning routine that has proven effective on more than one occasion. You only need to do this once every couple of weeks, or even once a month if you are busy. The result will definitely amaze you. Not only will the carpets be absolutely be clean, but the colors will also become as vivid as they were when you first got the carpets.


Oh, and the thing we forgot to mention is that this routine is probably the cheapest way of keeping your carpets clean. In fact, you don’t have to spend money at all if you have the right things and products lying around the house, or better said, in your pantry.

Now let’s get to work. The first thing you need to do is to thoroughly vacuum the carpets. I mean REALLY vacuum them. You can spend as much time on them as necessary, especially if you have pets that shed their fur. Once the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed, you need to mix two parts water with two parts apple or wine vinegar. Use a brush, get down on all fours and start brushing the carpet. There’s no need to overdo it or soak the fibers. When you’re done brushing the carpet just needs to be a bit damp, not soaking wet.

After you’re done with the brushing and scrubbing, all you need to do is to vacuum the carpet again. The thing is that the brush got out all the dirt that settled on the bottom of the fibers. This second vacuuming is basically getting rid of all that dirt for you. This is, in other words, a home – made deep carpet clean with no fancy products or equipment.

The results will surely be amazing. The vinegar has the ability of reviving the colors of your carpet while also helping you get out all of that dirt. And there you have it: clean and neat carpets without a fancy carpet cleaning company, expensive products or impossible to use equipment.


Best House Cleaning Tips

Here are few tips from my personal experience that I use to keep my house clean. They are easy and simple and will not take more than 60 seconds to do.

Clean a Mirror

You don’t have to buy glass cleaners and paper towels to clean your mirrors.  Just some vinegar and an old newspaper is all you need to keep your mirrors shining as new. Your house will look cleaner if the mirrors are clean.

Rinse Your Plate

Cleaning plates is a tuff thing if its kept for some time un cleaned. I rinse my plate after dinner and have all my family members do the same and it makes washing plates so easy. It is a small and simple habit but makes a lot of trouble easier. I don’t like trying to wash dried food off of dishes, do you?

Cleaning the Oven

Does your oven get used every day?  Someday if you’re not using your oven, give it a quick spray of oven cleaner and keep it like that till the next day. Before you turn on your oven the next day, give it a quick wipe down. The baked on stuff comes off much easier than ever.