About Us

If you’ve ever spent time looking for house cleaning information online, then you’ve probably realised that the advice is conflicting and that no one seems to agree on anything. Everyone has opinion on how to clean this and how to clean that.

The main goal of this site here at www.hortlauray.com is to share with you everything quality information wise and give you the housing cleaning tips and advice you really need, so you have your home sparkling and looking great.

We go on to websites like youtube, daily motion and great blogging sites and we find the best stuff and we bring it back to you.

You will also find on the right hand side a really handy rss feed that shares with you some of the very latest and best advice on cleaning your home out there.

Now we don’t talk about industrial cleaning, or outdoors cleaning, but focus in on what you care about most.

So please click here and send us what you would like to read about, and we will do our very best to find it and share here it on the website, be it a video or a great article.

We take the vary essence of what their saying and boil it down so you know clearly how to resolve that home cleaning issue, be it cooker cleaning, carpet cleaning or whatever comes in between. We are here for you, so please share with us what you want to know.

So you know why we have some of the very best advice on the internet on how to keep your home looking clean and we are really excited for you and what you will experience here at Hortlauray.com

If you’re interested in keeping your home looking nice and tidy, then you are in the right place and we look forward to serving you!